Academic Press Procrastination, Health, and Well Being

Research on procrastination has grown exponentially in recent years. Studies have revealed that is an issue of self regulation failure, and specifically misregulation of emotional states not simply a time management problem as ofte


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Springer Children's Views on Their Lives and Well being

This book presents a comprehensive overview of findings from the Children's Worlds project most extensive and diverse study to have been conducted globally on children's own views of their lives. It provides a unique comparative insight into


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Springer Biogeogens and Human Health

Health of the people is most important indicator of development of a nation. is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being not merely absence of disease or infirmity (as defined by WHO). The of health o


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Routledge Ethics in Participatory Research for Health and Social Well

Participatory research is well established as an approach involving people with a direct interest in, or experience of, the issue being studied in carrying out research. However, it raises unique and challenging ethical issues. Traditional concern


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Information Age Publishing Improving Employee Health and Well Being

It is widely recognized that healthy employees are happier and more productive at work. Experiencing stress at decreases employee's affects their wellbeing. The American Institute of Stress (AIS) estimated US 300 billion year


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Springer Health and Well Being in Islamic Societies

From the first hospitals to pioneering pharmacy techniques, early history of medicine reflects groundbreaking contributions of Islamic physicians and scientists. Less recognized, however, is impact of on health daily


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Academic Press Medicinal Plants for Holistic Health and Well Being

Medicinal Plants for Holistic Health and Well Being discusses, in depth, the use of South African plants to treat a variety of ailments, including tuberculosis, cancer, periodontal diseases, acne, postmacular hypomelanosis, more.


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Routledge Promoting Health and Well being in Social Work Education

Social work educators can play an important part in ensuring that the promotion of health and well being is firmly on social agenda for service users, as as students educators. Nevertheless, this has not been a priority withi


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Open University Press Physical Health And Well Being In Mental Nursing:

This groundbreaking book equips mental health nurses with knowledge of physical issues and clinical insights into best practice.


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Oxford University Press Advancing Health and Well Being

The case for evidence and collaboration in pursuit of health equity In this second volume of the Culture of Health series, Advancing Well Being convenes experts from academia, policy, journalism, community


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